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    Karos Health, a leader in standards-based clinical imaging exchange, storage and cross-enterprise workflow solutions, announces that it acquired Medical Insight A/S in June 2014. See press release here:
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    Concept of a portable patient, who, from various reasons, switches clinicians, is presented in latest article by Dr. Sam Friedman at He argues that this patient is stressed, irradiated and magnetized by taking unnecessary exams if there is no image sharing across separate medical systems. In Europe, Denmark is the first country to introduce national image sharing to fit serve this portable patient. This saves public money and mental health of the patients and their families.
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    In his article on, Jef Williams of Ascendian Healthcare Consulting argues that in order to ensure smooth implementation and conversion to a VNA, healthcare institutions should focus on building clinicians' buy-in first by implementing universal enterprise viewers first before implementing VNA. 
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    On 28th and 29th May, Medical Insight held first users’ group meeting where representatives from all major EasyViz installations sites in Denmark were invited. Twenty four participants from the regional hospital systems met in a conference center near Vejle in Denmark to share their experience with EasyViz.
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    On May 15, 2013, Medical Insight released EasyViz 5.0—the latest version of their diagnostic imaging solution—as well as EasyViz Enterprise Web—a zero-footprint enterprise image viewer that sets a new standard for mobility, speed and functionality of enterprise image solutions.
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    EasyViz Viewer becomes part of the telemedicine project TELE-AVC which is designed to enable teleconsultation in cases of cerebrovascular accidents in order to improve the quality and speed of patient treatment. 130,000 people in France suffer from cerebrovascular accident every year, 20% of them die within a month from the accident. That’s twice as many as in car accidents. 75% of survivors are left with permanent damage. Quick and accurate diagnosis can reduce or prevent further severe brain damage and save patients’ lives or reduce the consequences of the cerebrovascular accident.
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    In cooperation with our Nordic partner KIBI, Medical Insight will be present at Vitalis 2013 in Gothenburg, Sweden, 16th - 18th April 2013. Come and experience live demonstration of EasyViz viewer and multimedia storage. We are looking forward to your visit in KIBI booth no. B06:08.If you'd like to arrange meeting with us at a specific time, please contact our Sales Manager for Nordics, Per Iversen, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
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    Omedelbar tillgång till alla bilder och rapporter när du är utanför radiologavdelningen är en dröm för de flesta radiologer och läkare, en ännu större dröm är att få information från alla olika landsting och från olika PACS system. Läs mer.
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    Article from (Author: Erik L. Ridley) - Vendor-neutral archives (VNAs) can save millions over a traditional PACS storage model, while improving efficiency across a healthcare enterprise, according to a March 18 presentation at the Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine (SIIM) regional meeting. At the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), implementing a VNA will save the institution nearly $3 million over five years by avoiding the costs associated with a conventional PACS storage model, according to Christopher Tomlinson, administrative director for radiology. He spoke on Monday about integrating a VNA into a PACS production environment.
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    Nationwide instant access to consolidated diagnostic images and reports – in seconds!Lena, a senior Danish radiologist, who is on call from home miles away from the hospital, receives a call from Peter, a younger colleague on duty in the hospital. Peter needs an immediate second opinion. Lena logs on to the hospital EMR system over mobile broadband and sees all the patient data. The EMR system shows a 900 slice CT exam in the hospital and a prior CT study taken in a neighboring region. She pushes a button and in seconds the studies show up on the screen in DICOM quality. She sends Peter a text message inviting him to a real-time, online collaboration session to give him guidance using all the necessary diagnostic tools including all 2D and 3D functionalities.
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    Medical image management technology developer Mach7 Technologies is partnering with Medical Insight to allow clinicians to launch images from Keystone Suite using the EasyViz Enterprise Web imaging viewer. Read it on
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    This year at HIMSS, Medical Insight and Mach7 Technologies present a partnership that supports enhanced enterprise imaging viewing and management. The two companies agreed to offer a joint solution that improves clinical efficiency and patient outcomes.
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    Danish software vendor Medical Insight has installed its EasyViz Viewer as part of the Image Exchange Portal (IEP) to enhance teleradiology capabilities in Burnbank, U.K. Read more on
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    EasyViz Viewer recently became a core component of Burnbank’s IPE and teleradiology solution in the United Kingdom. The solution addresses the shortage of qualified radiologists in the UK and their uneven geographical spread across the country.
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    Meet us at HIMSS 2013: Experience a viewer that has ability to be both, the Enterprise & Radiology solution - EasyViz Viewer. EasyViz can cover your full range of diagnostic DICOM image viewing and analysis requirements from iPad to workstation. Integrate EasyViz with your enterprise clinical image management and workflow solutions, to optimize workflow and streamline your image strategy - while reducing costs and complexity.
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    [EXPIRED] Medical insight A/S er i en rivende udvikling og søger derfor en ny kollega til vores Professional Service Team - Nyuddannet Linux System Engineer til Healthcare IT. Medical Insight A/S udvikler, leverer og vedligeholder radiologiske billedløsninger til Healthcare industrien, hvor korrekthed, pålidelighed og høj oppetid er essentiel. Medical Insight har større og mindre kunder i både ind og udland, primært i Danmark og USA. Medical Insights leverancer udfylder en essentiel rolle hos mange af vores kunder, og er derfor at betragte som missionskritisk medicinsk udstyr, der altid skal være tilgængeligt. 
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     [EXPIRED] Linux System Engineer til Healthcare IT - Medical Insight A/S Medical insight A/S er i en rivende udvikling og søger derfor en kolleger til vores Professional Service Team. Medical Insight A/S udvikler, leverer og vedligeholder radiologiske billedløsninger til Healthcare industrien, hvor korrekthed, pålidelighed og høj oppetid er essentiel. Medical Insight har større og mindre kunder i både ind og udland, primært i Danmark og USA. Medical Insights leverancer udfylder en essentiel rolle hos mange af vore kunder, og er derfor at betragte som missionskritisk medicinsk udstyr, der altid skal være tilgængeligt. 
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    Imaging Economics writes about EasyViz Enterprise Web. Read the whole article here.  
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    Danish medical software vendor Medical Insight is going to release EasyViz Enterprise Web, a zero-download clinical image viewer that does not compromise on image quality or limit the availability of diagnostic tools. EasyViz Enterprise Web requires no maintenance from the IT department. Clinicians gain access to diagnostic-quality images, and the IT department doesn’t have to push software updates or solve individual issues with client-side applications.
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    EasyViz gives you instant access to images and patient information, "when you need to see it," regardless of where you are on virtually any device. Did you miss RSNA 2012? Watch the presentation of EasyViz delivered at RSNA 2012.
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    Danish software vendor Medical Insight has installed its EasyViz image-sharing application in northern Denmark's MR Scan and Artros Private Hospital. Read the whole article here
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    Rush University Medical Center, Chicago, IL, has adopted EasyViz 4.0 from Medical Insight for its image viewer. Rush encompasses two hospital facilities, Rush University and Rush Oak Park IL, as well as Rush Health, a clinically integrated network of providers working together to deliver high quality, efficient services covering the spectrum of patient care-from wellness, prevention and health promotion  to disease management and complex care management.  Easy Viz 4.0 allows access to images across the entire system. Download the press release here.
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    MR Scan, Artros Private Hospital and hospitals in Region Nord, Denmark share patient images and reports across hospitals in a matter of seconds, improving patient care and workflow efficiency. Download the press release here
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    Dr. Allison L. Weathers, Rush: "I love using EasyViz" Dr. Allison L. Weathers talks about why she loves using EasyViz and how it has made patient care much better experience at Rush University Medical Center. Click here to watch the video on YouTube.
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    The clinicians from Bourges Hospital (France) have fast and completely secure access to full diagnostic quality patient images not only from within hospital walls, but also from outside using EasyViz Enterprise DICOM viewer.  The viewer was installed in 2009 as a part of secure medical imaging solution delivered by Etiam.
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    [EXPIRED] Java Developer to Health Care IT – Medical Insight A/S Our team of highly skilled software craftsmen is presently seeking colleagues with a desire to work with application and system development in a C++ and Java cross platform environment. We are looking for a smart Java developer who gets things done.  
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    We are looking forward to meeting you at RSNA 2012 in booth 7504. During RSNA 2012, at Medical Insight booth, you will experience demonstration of our EasyViz solution. We will show you, how can EasyViz fit into your enterprise. And we will reveal a new module of EasyViz solution: EasyViz Web - zero-download enterprise DICOM viewer.
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    [EXPIRED] System Engineer til Health Care IT – Medical Insight A/S Medical Insight A/S er i en rivende udvikling og søger yderligere en system engineer til professional service teamet.Den rette kandidat besidder flere års erfaring med Linux system administration, krydret med en længerevarende uddannelse med fokus på IT. Har du erfaring indenfor Health Care IT vil det være en fordel. Som system engineer bliver du en aktiv del af vores professional service team som varetager daglig support, 24x7 support samt teknisk projektstyring og implementering af alt fra små system løsninger til regionale helheds løsninger.
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    [EXPIRED] Studenterprogrammør til Healthcare-IT virksomhed – Medical Insight A/S Medical Insight A/S er i en rivende udvikling og søger derfor en studenterprogrammør til Professional Service teamet. Som studenterprogrammør bliver du involveret i systemadministration samt udvikling af interne applikationer til optimering af virksomhedens arbejdsgange. Den rette kandidat har således interesee og evt. erfaring med systemadministration samt programmeringserfaring.
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    EasyViz 4 software for viewing medical images was installed at the Danish Radiology Schools. The system offers exceptional reliability and advanced diagnostic tools, which are the features needed for professional education of young radiologists. At the Danish Radiology Schools site, EasyViz 4 was installed to ensure 99.9 up-time, in order to support the flow of educational process and avoid idle time during lessons.
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    EasyViz 4.1. went live in Helse Vest hospital in Norway. The EasyViz system was upgraded from version 3.0.3 to new version 4.1. The key activities during the upgrade were changing the operating system from Redhat 5 to Oracle Linux and replacing the essential graphics card components in the application servers in order to improve overall experience of the system. Users have the option of launching the EasyViz Enterprise Viewer directly outside the context of Infobroker. This option allows for clinical staff to access images across the HelseVest Enterprise, by accessing images from all three PACS systems in one search and in one viewer providing users with the full patient history and reference images from all parts of the Helse Vest region. Read the whole news release here.
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    Medical Insight supports RSNA R&E Foundation as an Exhibitors Circle company. Through this support, the R&E Foundation is Funding Radiology's Future.  You can access August 2012 edition of RSNA news here.
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    Region North Jylland (RNJ) is located in the North-Western part of Denmark and constitutes one of five regions covering the country. From a health care perspective, RNJ includes nine hospitals with two central  hospitals and seven satellite hospitals. The following paper outlines the system architecture of the EasyViz  installation from Medical Insight A/S consisting of a centralized and distributed PACS and a centralized RIS. You can read more about implementation of EasyViz in Region North Jylland, Denmark here
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    As one of the highest volume hospitals in the United States, the William Beaumont Hospitals in Detroit deal with a massive amount of patient data. So when they needed to improve efficiency, increase flexibility and expand access to patient images and analysis tools, they turned to Medical Insight. You can download the case story here.
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    MedStar Health, a $4-billion, not-for-profit community-based health care organization serving the Baltimore/Washington region, has chosen Medical Insight’s EasyViz to be its enterprise-wide image viewer. You can access the article on Imaging Economics here
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    Community-based healthcare organization MedStar has selected EasyViz by Medical Insight to be its enterprise-wide image viewer. Click here to see whole article on
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    Based on streaming technology, doctors can get access to CT and MRI scans on such as any department or home in the living room for that matter sake. It only requires a ordinary computer with Internet access. You can read more here. (document is in Danish)
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    Built on the success of previous versions of EasyViz™ in the US and Europe, Medical Insight has released EasyViz™ 3.0 – an image distribution system providing the market’s most versatile clinical image viewer. EasyViz™ is based on advanced adaptive streaming and ultra-thin clients which allow instant access to DICOM-quality images and reports on any PC or workstation, anytime, anywhere, inside or outside the hospital enterprise. Read more here.
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    Ochsner Health System of New Orleans is deploying the EasyViz™ image viewer within its healthcare enterprise in order to consolidate diagnostic image storage and to distribute access to images and patient data. You can read the press release here
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    After evaluating a number of systems that would allow access to medical images in its Enterprise Health Record (EHR) system, MedStar Health selected EasyViz by Medical Insight to be its enterprise-wide image viewer. MedStar Health, a $4 billion not-for-profit community-based healthcare organization serving the Baltimore/Washington region, has a network of 9 hospitals and 20 other health-related businesses with more than 163,000 inpatient admissions and over 2 million outpatient visits each year.
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    In cooperation with Tera Medica, our US representatives were present at SIIM 2012. We would like to thank to everyone we met for inspiring meetings and we are looking forward to our cooperation.
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    Interoperability. Meaningful Use. Accountable Care. These are watchwords of modern-day health IT strategy. To read more, please click here (article from "Diagnostic Imaging").
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    Region Sjælland - one of the five Danish regions has decided to implement image diagnostic equipment from Mawell - a Medical Insight partner offering the EasyViz solution. Click here to read about the project in Region Sjælland (article in Danish from medical journal "Dagens Medicin").  
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    EasyViz installed at Cleveland Clinic Foundation (CCF) Cleveland Clinic (OH, USA) has partnered with AGFA and Medical Insight for a comprehensive image viewing solution. CCF recently installed EasyViz Enterprise as part of their system wide image sharing solution enabling access and sharing of patient images across the enterprise. Currently in preproduction, CCF is expected to go live with EasyViz in the coming months.
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    Click to learn more about implementation of a national patient image system in Denmark (from Danish Medical Journal "Ugeskrift For Læger", Feb 2011). For English translation, please click here.
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    If you would like a live demonstration of EasyViz at HIMSS 11 on 21-23 February 2011 in Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida please visit TeraMedica booth #3741 or Acuo Tech booth #3139.
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    EasyViz in pre-production at Rush University Medical Center Rush University Medical Center, Chicago, IL, is installing EasyViz Enterprise as part of their enterprise-wide image access solution. The EasyViz system is in pre-production but is expected to go live in the coming months.
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    EasyViz goes live at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) EasyViz Enterprise is now running live at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), PA. EasyViz is part of the hospital’s enterprise-wide image access system, enabling fast, easy access and sharing of patient images.  The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia is on U.S. News & World Report Honor Roll for Top Hospitals in the US.
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    Meet us at RSNA We look forward to welcoming you at RSNA 2010 in Chicago, IL 28 Nov-3 Dec. Please come by our booth #7008 for a demonstration of EasyViz.
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    In cooperation with the Swedish PLC, Praktikerinvest, the Swedish foundation Industrifonden has invested a total of 3 million USD in a corporation, which through web based services can help viewing X-rays from other hospitals. The company promoting the new technological image data is called RxEye. The business is  pointed at solving the problem of uneven radiology resources and competencies within the  hospital service in Sweden. Through the service clinicians are able to access X-rays regardless of  which hospital or radiology department that has produced the images, says Hedvig Andersén,  who is responsible for the investment department in Industrifonden, and chairwoman of RxEye. EasyViz Enterprise Viewer is going to be the viewer supporting the system.
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    We are pleased to announce a signed reseller agreement with US based medical informatics company, TeraMedica to distribute the EasyViz product across the US. This strategic partnership provides us with the needed channels to reach a greater audience across the US. To access the full press release, click here.

The EasyViz system is a full-featured clinical DICOM viewer for your entire enterprise.

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Thanks to a unique design based on Adaptive Streaming technology and an ultra-thin client, EasyViz allows clinicians to access and share patient images and data anytime, anywhere – even over low bandwidth connections.

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