Founded in 2001 by Frits Thomsen and Dr Andy Dobbs, Medical Insight is an innovative software development company that specializes in providing clinical staff with instant access to healthcare images, regardless of their location and without compromising workflow, functionality or image quality. Our headquarters are located in Copenhagen, Denmark and in Chicago, USA.

We develop, distribute and market the EasyViz system directly to hospitals and clinics across Europe and North America, and work with leading vendors of PACS and EMR systems and software integrators on an OEM or partner basis.

EasyViz meets the fast-growing market demands for institution-wide enterprise systems, wireless infrastructures and mobile workflows by extending the reach of any PACS system into the wireless and mobile arena – without sacrificing functionality or speed. The solution is highly scalable to any location, from large, regional multi-hospital environments to small, local imaging centers.

Our team of motivated and highly talented employees that are at the very forefront of wireless and mobile imaging and the entire company is backed by extensive QA processes.

EasyViz is higly scalable.