patient-study-browserEasyViz 4 software for viewing medical images was installed at the Danish Radiology Schools. The system offers exceptional reliability and advanced diagnostic tools, which are the features needed for professional education of young radiologists. At the Danish Radiology Schools site, EasyViz 4 was installed to ensure 99.9 up-time, in order to support the flow of educational process and avoid idle time during lessons.

The high up-time is achieved by installation of two servers. The system services are consequently shared among servers to provide high up time. “You can never count with the fact that a server runs 100 % of time. To achieve maximum stability of the system, we are using high availability configurations”, explains Henrik Olesen, Manager for support in Medical Insight.

EasyViz 4 is a DICOM viewer suitable for any type of enterprise. It includes enterprise viewing solution, as well as radiology department solution, a vendor neutral archive and specialized workstations, such as Mammography workstation and Fusion workstation. EasyViz 4 is developed and distributed by a Danish company Medical Insight.

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